LEDEdit software is one of the most popular pixel led programming software due to it’s features and ease of use .We have talked about how to use LED Edit software with offline controllers in our previous articles but there is another use of LED Edit software, This software also designed to use with controllers with online mode . In this article we are going to talk about  how to use LED Edit software with online controllers . In This tutorial I’m going to use T-300K controller as an example but you can operate other controllers such as T-100K, T-200K ,T-400K,T-500K etc. .I’m going to use LED Edit 2014 version in this tutorial . If you don’t have the LED Edit Software ,Please download the latest version from below .

Creating New Project

Start your LED Edit software . Go to “Files” and select “New Project”  to create a new project .Then click on “Select Controller” button in the “New Project” window .

LED Edit Controller Type Window
LED Edit Controller Type Window

Controller Type window will appear .Scroll and find your controller and click the “+” sign to expand the list . In the list find your drive chip name and select it then press “ADD TO” button to add the selected item to “Regular use of controller” list .Now click “OK” .

LED Edit New Project Window
LED Edit New Project Window

Now you will see the controller that you have selected + drive chip of the pixel LEDs are in the regular use of controller list in the “New Project” window .Select it and change the other settings as you preferred .Here are the things that you should  consider when it comes to these settings .

If you are using less than 512 LEDs per port – Select and check 512 lights per port as Port settings .you can select and check both “high speed” and “slow speed” as mode .You can select any frame rate form the “Frame Rate” drop down list .

If you are using more than 512 LEDs per port – Select and check 1024 lights per port as Port settings .you can select and check both “high speed” and “slow speed” as mode .You can select any frame rate form the “Frame Rate” drop down list ,But the frame rate and the speed will be decreased as LEDs per port increases .

“Sequence of channel” and “PWM Polarity” depends on the LED drive chip that you are using .please refer to the datasheet of the LED Drive chip for those settings  or try different settings until you get better result .Click “OK” to crate the new project . 

In this tutorial I will use LED Edit’s auto layout creator to create a 64 X 64 LED layout which is equally distributed through out all the ports which means each port have 512 LED’s or pixels .

Click on “Project Config” in the top menu bar and select “Auto Layout” from the list .The Auto layout window will appear .

LEDEdit Autolayout window
LEDEdit Autolayout window
Input the amount of LEDs that you are going to use in both vertical and horizontal side in text input boxes in front of “vertical pixel:” and “horizontal pixel:” ,In this case 64 and 64 .

Input the max number of  pixels per port that you are going to use , In this case it’s 512 . Select a connection pattern that you prefer from the pattern drop down list .and click “OK”. You will see a message stating the total amount of Pixel LEDs used .Click “OK” . 


Now you can see your LED layout in the work area of the software . Different colors means different port .Now it’s time to program or broadcast a video or an animation live. You need to connect the LED controller to the PC and setup your PC network adapter settings . Please refer to my previous article [HERE] . When it comes to online control there are several methods to go online .

Playing a Animation or a video Live 

 01. Click On “Video Effects” from the top menu bar , there are several options ,You can select LED Edit default effects or you can choose a video or a animation in your PC .In this case I’m going to select an “SWF” animation from my PC . So I click on “Open Video” from the list ,Browse and select your video from your PC and click “Open”.

 02. You will see the video or the animation that you have selected playing . Now it’s time to go live .Click on “Real Time Play” from the top main menu and select play. If every thiing is OK  you will see the video playing in the physical LED Display .

LEDEdit controller network status
LEDEdit controller network status

 03. The monitor control panel will show the state of each controller in the network .If something went wrong you can see the word “Abnormal” or “Disconnected” in front of the controller number .Make sure the connection and correct controller ID is been set using the DIP switches .If every thing is OK , You will see the word “Normal” or “Connected” in front of each controller ID .

LEDEdit Stop Button
LEDEdit Stop Button

 04. If you need to change the animation or the video ,Simply click on the “Stop” button and follow the 1st step mentioned above .

Screen Real Time Play 

LEDEdit screen real-time player window
LEDEdit screen real-time player window
You can also share your computer screen and show whatever in your screen in the display .You can play a video in your media player  or  you can share a YouTube video that playing in your browser using this method .

Click on “Real Time Play” from the top main menu and select “Screen Real Time Play” from the drop down list .You will see the player window and monitor control panel windows . Notice that the player window is transparent .That transparent area is what you going to share or display in the physical display .   

You can move – Left click on the window top title bar and drag your mouse and leave your mouse button when you move to the preferred position .

you can resize – get your mouse cursor on top of the border ( you will see the cursor icon changed to resize cursor ) then left click and drag your mouse until you gets the size you wanted . you also  can equally resize by click on the corners and dragging the mouse .

LEDEdit Stop Button
LEDEdit Stop Button
If you need to stop screen real time play click on “Stop” button .

That’s it , I will write an article on how to do the same thing in  LEDEdit-K versions in near future !

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