5000+ SWF or TOL files free download for LED EDIT SOFTWARE (20 GB)

Hey guys my name is RAJKUMAR SUMAN. I am the host or your dost.

Today we are giving you free effects for pixel led controller.these effects are total approx 10000 + yes you are heard right it is 10000+effects.

This effects you can use for ROAD CELLING , BUILDING , THORAN , DANCE FLORE , OR many  items made by pixel, this effects are comititable for all types of controllers and all types off connections. 


You can use this effects on LED EDIT 2014  software and you can download the software from link given below.


You can use this effect on any types of controller like t1000 t4000 t8000 in any size of T series and any size of K Series. the new controller launched in 2021 or 2020 you can use all the effects on all of their software LED edit

This is effect for life time use it is never expired and you can In this download folder you will get all types of effects like Toran building and etc

This all affects our paid but we are giving it to you free that’s why we are asking for you are identity and we are putting the password because of the some persons are selling our effect by their name and they will not giving us any credit like any type of of copyrights.

Password is hidden in this video in mid side . so please make sure you are watched full vide carefully and downloaded the file from this link given below 


If this link is not working then try this another link – 

if you want to purchase pixel LED or other sources and other equipments of LED pixel you can buy from our website pixelledlights.com and this is our official website so you don’t need to take any risk you will get your product 100% in maximum 7 days and it is only India delivery available so please make sure when you purchase thank you.

 you can also subscribe to our YouTube channel and also you will follow our Instagram account to get more updates and if you want to join our Telegram group then you will get a link after download button you need to put them and join our Telegram group there are so many members and we will help any types of people if you need any  types of help we will definitely help you but you need to message us on Telegram for personally and our words Telegram group thank you thank you so much 


FACEBOOK – https://www.facebook.com/pixelledlightsyt

YOUTUBE – https://www.youtube.com/c/Pixelledlights

INSTAGRAM – https://www.instagram.com/pixelledlights_yt/

TELEGRAM – https://t.me/pixelledlightsyt

EMAIL- pixelledlights.yt@gmail.com

FB GROUP – https://www.facebook.com/groups/228992382290443

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